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Tell Your Story: Pack Tax


The complexities of 2020 make it a good year to get some help with your tax returns.

Kristy Pack

Relationships and accuracy are central to everything they do at Pack Tax. Of all the years to get some help handing your taxes, 2020 is the year to do it. COVID, again, has made things more complicated. The last-minute changes to the tax code will impact everyone’s tax returns, and Kristy Pack wants to help people get their taxes filed correctly and eliminate stress. “There are still changes that are developing,” said Kristy. “Every person needs to report their stimulus money and unemployment on their tax returns,” she explained. There are people who didn’t get stimulus money and people who received stimulus money for people who had already passed away. This tax return is going to reconcile everything as it should be.

Kristy is someone who knows the ins and outs of all the changes that are taking place. I could feel the weight behind her words when she told me that this is not the year for Turbo Tax if you’re a business. There are a lot of changes to navigate, including the impact on taxes that comes from the CARES Act. Kristy said, “We are super accurate, and we know what we’re doing.” With Pack Tax, you can trust your taxes will be filed correctly. Pack Tax also guarantees to offer a better price than every national chain or CPA firm. They want people to get the help they need but not overpay for it.

In an effort to educate the public on the changes for 2020, Kristy and her team create free webinars. Their most recent one explains the tax updates. You can find this and ongoing webinars on their website and social media pages. If you have questions or want more information, jump on their Facebook live events, and you can get your questions answered for free.

Pack Tax has seen an immense amount of growth this last year, which is largely due to their hundreds of happy clients. They now employ four full-time tax preparers. Last year, they prepared 23,000 tax returns, and they have almost 800 five-star reviews on google. “Clients are really happy with us,” Kristy said. “We love North Ogden! We experienced unprecedented growth, and we are really grateful for that.” Kristy sees how relieved her clients are after having their taxes prepared by Pack Tax. When they meet with their clients, they treat them like they are their personal friends and family. As COVID has changed the way we interact and do business, Pack Tax has adjusted, and now they can see clients in the office, have clients drop off their documents, or meet virtually. They can help everyone in a safe way.

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