Student of the Month

Skye Herrera Maria Montessori Academy Independent, self-advocating, and actively curious about the wonder of the world, Skye Herrera is a fun-loving, cheerful adolescent in our Jr High. She enjoys talking and laughing with her chosen family of friends. Skye is famous for speaking the made-up language of “loofah” and for being a person who will listen from the Hope Squad. She enjoys swimming competitively, art … Continue reading Student of the Month

Connections Choices Students of the Month

This month, since school was not in session and we only had enough students of the month to get us through August, we decided to make a new tradition, Connection’s Choices. In September, we selected 4 students of the month that we have known in the community. These are great kids and we love having them as friends, neighbors and classmates. If you have a … Continue reading Connections Choices Students of the Month