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Suicide Prevention

In North Ogden, we lose an average of four residents a year to suicide. In 2017, we lost six residents.  Each one of these deaths represents a person who is loved by family, friends, and neighbors. Each one of these people had a future, and we are all diminished by their passing. Knowing the danger signs of suicide, how to respond to them, and what resources are available is one of the greatest advantages we have in interdicting suicides.

Warning Signs of Suicidal Ideation (Contemplation)

Talking about suicide

Making statements about feeling hopeless, helpless, or worthless

A deepening depression

Preoccupation with death

Taking unnecessary risks or exhibiting self-destructive behavior

Out of character behavior

How to Help a Suicidal Person
The following are seven suggestions from a list of 21 suggestions on how to help. Please visit for the complete list.

Get help immediately (911, 1-800-273-Talk, etc.)

Always take suicidal comments seriously

Try not to act shocked

Do not handle the situation by yourself

Comfort the person with words of encouragement

If the person is at high risk, do not leave him or her alone

Listen, listen, listen. Be gentle, kind, and understanding

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