Students of the Month

Jace Campbell Weber High

Jace is a senior at Weber High. He has lived in Pleasant View since he was 4. His teachers always reported that “Jace is a great student who likes to talk.” He is funny, out-going and witty. He is always happy and willing to include anyone. Jace has had many opportunities to be a leader. Last spring Jace was asked to help and compete in the Unified Track Meet with some friends from Weber and was happy they won a state championship. He is hoping it isn’t the only one. He is currently one of the captains on the Weber High football team where he and his teammates are working to bring a football championship to the school. Go Warriors! He also plays baseball at Weber and spent the summer traveling to different cities. He was also able to serve as one of the leaders at a stake MTC youth camp. He is an Eagle Scout, likes to play Xbox in his free time, and loves kids. The only time his phone is off is during the Patriots games. After high school, Jace plans to serve an LDS mission, pursue a career in broadcasting and continue to play anything with a ball as long as possible.

Abigail Frongner Orion Junior High

Abigail Frongner, or Abby, is a 7th grader at Orion Junior High. To some who first meet Abby they might say she is shy, but once she gets to know you, she is very fun and full of energy. There is always a little anxiety taking those first big steps into junior high. It didn’t take long for Abby to make that adjustment and to begin to feel right at home. She comes home each day with a big smile on her face and tells her little sister that “Junior High is so much better than elementary school”. Abby loves all her classes and teachers. Her favorite class of all is Orchestra. Abby started cello lessons this summer and has found it to be one of her favorite ways to relax and just have fun. Anyone who knows Abby would tell you what an amazing artist she is. She loves to create. From drawing to sewing to baking, or building- she never ceases to amaze her family and friends. Abby loves to go skiing and hiking and camping, or just hang out with her friends. She loves to do gymnastics and aerial silks. She loves cats and her family has said the two cannot be separated.

Angel Tally

Maria Montessori Academy

Persistence is a quality that when seen is inspiring and stands out from the crowd; the story is irrelevant and the person rises to view. In a school setting, the crowd is larger and the individual is lost to the importance of the subject. Honoring one of the students is difficult when the setting is supposed to inspire the individual rather than the people.

Angel Tally is a charismatic young man that shines as a leader among his peers through his persistence to be compassionate, protective and a good friend to his classmates. Confidence is not something that Angel lacks in his daily life or in his smiling interactions with other students and his family.

He likes to play football, soccer, and go hunting or fishing. He is currently on the Cross-Country team and is an active member of the student government. Angel’s future goal is to go to college pursuing the subject of Bio-Chemical Engineering.

Angel’s persistence has motivated him to excel in his studies and we are glad to honor his hard work as our student of the month at Maria Montessori Academy.


Rachel Longhurst North Ogden Junior High

Rachel Longhurst is a Freshman at North Ogden Jr High. She is on the honor roll and really loves school and learning. Her favorite thing about school is the social part. Having and making new friends. One of her dreams is to go to cosmetology school during her high school years. When she’s not in school she enjoys playing soccer and running. She is really good at running long distances. Rachel loves fixing her friends’ and sisters’ hair. She does such a good job that her big sister’s friends request her help whenever there’s a dance. She’s even fixed hair for girls on their wedding day. She loves her dog Adicus, shopping, and the colors blue and green. She is very good at playing the violin and ukulele. Rachel is a part of the Honor Society. This is a group that does a two-hour service project every quarter. Her favorite service project was called “Try it night”. It was part of the Hope Week at NOJH. Students got to fight Mr. Simmons, go on a rock climbing wall, and play jump rope (the activity she helped with). It was lots of fun.

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