Students of the Month for April ’18

Alex Griffith
Weber High School
Ms. Fullwood chose Alex Griffeth for her outstanding work ethic and dedication to her grade and classwork. Alex is in her physics and FLEX class. In both periods, she is consistently working on her school work with a positive attitude and it pays off. Her grades in her class are always in the top percentile. It is not unusual for her to have a 100% or higher on her individual assignments and as her total grade. If she has any questions, she doesn’t hesitate to ask and makes sure she understands the concepts, not just how to do the problems.
Alex is a wonderful example to those around her. She helps her peers freely and is friendly to everyone. Everywhere she goes, she wears a smile and lets her sweet disposition show. She is a great student and an outstanding person. Alex is ethical, kind, and helpful, trying her best to reach her highest potential and uplift her peers along the way. Ms. Fullwood said that it has been a privilege and a joy teaching Alex.

Cyndel Bunner
North Ogden Junior High School
Mr. Lane said that this is the second year that he has had Cyndel Bunner in his class.  He said, “last year, if you would have asked me if I would ever nominate her for student of the month, I would have said, ‘no way’.” This month, without any hesitation, he says that Cyndel was the first person he thought of for this honor. What a turnaround! The difference in Cyndel’s attitude toward class, her effort made to learn, and her citizenship in the class has all changed for the better.  Mr. Lane is so proud of the choices that Cyndel has been making in regards to her education and in the way that she acts in class.
Mr. Lane wants her to know that he really appreciates the effort that she has made to succeed in his class, both academically and in your citizenship.  He then says, “Thomas Edison once said that if we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.  You are capable of great things, Cyndel, keep up the good work!”

Caleb Sears
Maria Montessori Academy
People who value connections and relationships are often the ones who bring their community together. They look out for others, share a smile when it’s needed most, and offer help for even the hardest tasks. This is certainly true in the case of our student of the month, Caleb Sears. Caleb is in ninth grade and has been a student at Maria Montessori Academy since 2011 when he was in third grade. He is a self-motivated, hardworking student. He also has a great sense of humor. Caleb loves movies—both watching them and making them with friends. He also reads (mostly fantasy/sci-fi) and writes his own books and short stories. He especially enjoys writing fan fiction pieces related to Star Wars because he can share his fan theories in them.
Caleb is a very loving and fiercely loyal person.  If he attended the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry instead of MMA (which he desperately wishes he did . . . who can blame him?), he would definitely be a Hufflepuff. His ultimate goal in life is to become a YA fiction author or a screenwriter. However, while he is working toward that goal, he thinks about becoming a librarian like his dad. When other students describe Caleb, they always use the word kind.

Orion Junior High School
Tyla Longfellow is a ninth grade student at Orion Junior High. She says the best thing about Orion is the support that she gets. Tyla has worked hard to do her best this year and continues to strive for good grades. Her personal goal is to do something that she loves and her academic goal is to pass all of her classes with A’s and B’s.
She is talented in many ways and loves to ride and take care of her horses. In the future, she would like to become a vet. Her teachers and administrators say they are lucky to have Tyla at Orion and wish her the best!

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