Students of the Month

Weber High School

Sydney Simmons took the theme of kindness to heart. Sydney decided to make T-shirts with “Be Kind” written out in ASL. Granted, part of this was to support her efforts to earn a trip to Disney; however, it goes further than this. She is a person who is always helpful and kind to others, and is often seen including people from various groups and backgrounds. Almost every morning she is signing to the hearing-impaired students and talking with other people, and she exhibits this same inclusive behavior in class. 

North Ogden Jr High School

Elle has proven time after time to be a reliable, honest, hardworking student. Elle is always ready to not only do what I ask, but also to take the initiative to do extra work in helping the class run smoothly. At times, she has taken the role of referee to make sure students are playing fairly, as a player when a team is short, or as an encouraging force for her classmates to keep going even when the work is tough. Elle has made an effort to be kind to everyone around her. Because of this effort, students have come to rely on her and look to her for an example. Elle possesses many leadership qualities that I am sure will take her far in life. Lastly, Elle has a great work ethic. As a teacher, I am of the belief that greatness is forged in fire. Those who are willing to put their nose to the grindstone and do the work will achieve greatness. Her work ethic is infectious to those around her and helps to create a positive environment for all to succeed. It is a joy and a privilege teaching Elle. She is a wonderful addition to the class. Her kind attitude, leadership qualities, and hard work ethic will take her far in life .  -Mr. Cory Biggar

Maria Montessori Academy

Emma Vore is our amazing Student of the Month! Emma is dedicated and hard-working, intelligent and clever. Her German teacher says, “She’s a leader and strong student in German. She is experienced, and I notice her tutoring other students – and I mean actually tutor. She helps them along without just giving the answers.” Emma enjoys tumbling, reading, cooking and hanging out with friends. Her favorite class is Biology and she plans to become a nurse. Emma’s advice to others: “Be yourself – don’t be fake.” Emma is a wonderful and integral part of our Maria Montessori Academy community, and we are delighted to honor her contributions!

Orion Junior High School

Kyle is a ninth grade student at Orion Jr. High. He enjoys playing the cello in orchestra, participating in this year’s play, The Wizard of Oz, and is helping with the set. Kyle’s favorite class at Orion this year is Play Productions. He is a great leader and participates in a variety of programs: HOPE Squad, Project Lead the Way, and Youth Court. Kyle has kept an impressive 4.0 GPA throughout his junior high experience as well as high citizenship marks. He says the best part about Orion is the teachers. Kyle’s goal is to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout high school, and he wants to go to college and get a double major in engineering and mathematics. We appreciate Kyle as an awesome person and student and feel lucky to have him at Orion. Congratulations, Kyle!

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