Students Of The Month

Ashlyn Crowell

Weber High School

Ashlyn is always positive and bubbly. She is outgoing and is always encouraging her peers. She is friendly and greets everyone she meets with a bright smile. She is enthusiastic, and her enthusiasm is infectious! Ashlyn is also a hard worker. She isn’t afraid of admitting she has made a mistake, specifically because she has learned that a mistake is a chance to learn. She is an open book and is full of bubbly laughter. She makes others feel that it is okay to be them through how she expresses herself and reaches out to others.  

Kyler Murdock

North Ogden High School

 You have been chosen for this award due to your drive for learning, respect, and eagerness to help others. Every morning you come into class with a smile on your face. You are the first to enter, get logged into your computer, and await instruction. You are always respectful in your interactions with me as well as your peers, bringing smiles and kindness to the classroom. Kyler, I love seeing your engagement in class, being on task, and always making sure you’re caught up with all course work. Your natural talent as a team leader is admirable. When placed in a group setting, you take the lead in getting the project started, making recommendations to others on changes that would improve the project, and include everyone. You encourage others to learn new things and when you don’t understand something, you make sure to get the correct information before directing the peers in the group. Being the great student that you are, it means a lot as your teacher to see you receive recognition for the hard work you do, the drive you have for learning new things, the natural talent of a leader and the eagerness you have to respect and help others.

Jack Wolfinger

Maria Montessori Academy

Jack Wolfinger is our Student of the Month for Maria Montessori Academy. Jack has been active in Student Council at MMA and has been a valuable part of our community. He has honed his leadership skills, as well as his academic skills in his time at MMA. He has a great interest in science, particularly in the area of paleontology. He is also a gifted artist and sculptor. His dinosaur sculptures are not only scientifically accurate, but they also are in great poses and full of life. Jack always has an interesting fact to share and a broad range of knowledge. He enjoys reading and playing basketball.

Millie Hansen

Orion Junior High School

Millie is an 8th grade student at Orion Junior High. She is a talented and bright student, and very kind. Millie enjoys reading, writing, art, rockhounding, and participates in MESA and National Junior Honor Society. Her favorite class is art, but she also really likes orchestra. Millie has a 4.0 GPA and her academic goals are to do her best, maintain a 4.0, and graduate as valedictorian. She loves hanging out with her friends at school and going to school games. After high school she wants to attend college and possibly pursue a career in architecture, writing, or maybe even glass blowing! Congratulations Millie, keep up the great work!

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