Students of the Month

Students of the Month

Shannon Hunstman

Weber High

Shannon started a group called Faces Not Phones at our school which she asked me to advise. The goal of the group is to get students more involved with personal connections as opposed to being on their phones all the time. As president of the group, Shannon compiled several sanitation and food kits for Syrian refugees who are living in Lebanon. The materials to put in the kits came from donations the students collected in October as part of service associated with the group. Shannon has been spearheading this whole campaign and has done a lot of work to make all of this happen. She clearly cares about her fellow students and society as a whole, and I think she is amazing for organizing all of this. I have never seen Shannon without a smile, and she is always kind and caring to everyone.

Abish Shurtleff

Maria Montessori Academy

Abish is a wonderful student here at Maria Montessori Academy. She participates in HOPE Squad and on our school cross-country team. Abish says that she has come to enjoy running because “it helps me concentrate and destress and focus on doing my best.” Abish also enjoys drawing, reading, swimming and skiing. She also says that she enjoys homework, especially math because it’s easy and fun. When talking about her work on HOPE Squad, Abish says, “I like to try and help others, sometimes a bit too much, but when a person is in need, I want to help them to become better and show his/her true colors. I like to see outside the box, I want to see things from another point of view. Other people say I’m smart and nice, and once I got called wise, but I just see myself as a normal human being who tries to do her best in life.”  Abish says the best advice she has received is, “Take one step at a time, stop focusing on the whole picture, start with one little thing and continue on from there. I just work hard and try my hardest to get things done.”

Hallie Hales

Orion Junior High

Hallie Hales is a 9th grade student at Orion Jr. High. She has a lot of great things going for her and is very humble. Hallie is a 4.0 student and her academics are important to her. She has many extracurricular activities that she is involved in at school and outside of school. Hallie has a beautiful singing voice, is in orchestra and plays several instruments. She is a student body officer, and has the lead part of Dorothy in the upcoming play, The Wizard of Oz. More importantly, she cares about and helps people. Hallie has a big heart and reaches out to her peers and classmates in a friendly and genuine way. She always has a smile on her face and spreads happiness wherever she goes. Congratulations, Hallie!

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