Students of the Month

Kyland Schow

Weber High School

Every time Kyland Schow sees teachers (even if he has never been in their class) he is so kind and asks how we are doing. He acts like everyone he meets is his best friend, he is kind to everyone he meets. We all just love him, he has made an impact on all of us and we appreciate what a great kid he is.  

Bella Pincombe

Orion Junior High School 

-Bella is an eighth grader at Orion Jr. High. She enjoys sketching, music, and running. Her favorite classes at Orion are math, art, and science. Bella has a personal goal to improve herself and become better in life and at school. She is very empathetic and enjoys helping others and being a good example. Bella would like to go to college to become a surgeon or a vet. Keep up the great work, Bell! 

Maci Bench

Montessori Academy

Maci is an amazing student here at Maria Montessori Academy! She has been on the Student Council, where she has organized events and projects to improve student morale and the school community. She has been a peer mentor working with younger students, and is a member of HOPE Squad, our student suicide prevention and community building organization. She won first place in the MMA Science Fair last year and participated in the Richey Science Fair at Weber State University. Maci is an accomplished photographer and she is very creative. Maci is a kind and caring young woman and we are proud to have her represent our school. Her quote to remember is “Always fall asleep with a dream and awake with a purpose.” 

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