Students of the Month

Ethan Wintle

Ethan Wintle demonstrates his creativity and sense of humor with all he does, making him FUN to work with in class. Ethan recently demonstrated amazing leadership when he organized a speaker to come talk to any interested students about what brings them joy and how to center in on that. He is an Advanced Placement Scholar candidate, too. He’s an amazing Warrior, and we love him!

Landon Anderson

Landon Anderson, an 8th-grade student at Orion Junior High School, is a fantastic student and an asset to our school. Landon’s teachers at Orion say that Landon is kind, hardworking, patient, and an all-around great student. They all appreciate his participation in classes. He is kind and courteous to his peers and faculty, and he gives his best effort in all that he does.

On top of being a great student, Landon enjoys playing the guitar, drawing, reading, caring for and riding his horses, and playing basketball with his friends. Landon’s goals for the future include getting better at basketball and to become a mechanical engineer. Landon, you are a rock star! You will go far in life so keep up the great work!

Pablo Ojeda

Pablo is our chosen student of the month based on his dedicated work ethic, amazing leadership skills, and kindness.

Pablo is continually honest and responsible in the most challenging situations. In math, he is always willing to help his peers on assignments and is patient with others when learning new concepts.

He is also a critical thinker who asks important questions and thinks outside the box. In STEM, Pablo is consistently solving problems with creative solutions.

Pablo’s integrity and honesty never fails to set a positive example for MMA. As a student aide, he is always on task and taking initiative to help others. He is one of the first to clean up and encourages others to do the same. Pablo brightens our school with art, ideas, and personality.

Maren Burgener

Maren is a wonderful student. Her light and energy always fill the classroom; she helps everyone to feel included, loved, and happy.

Maren also works hard for her grades. She is dedicated not only to completing her schoolwork but really understanding it. Even when she is uncomfortable doing something, she tries her best and always asks for help. Maren impresses her teachers with her ability to grow and learn in new ways every day.

Maren also helps the students around her when they struggle or don’t understand. She is always willing to offer help and advise. Wherever she goes in the future, she is sure to succeed and excel.

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