Students of the Month

Elisabeth Fife

Elisabeth Fife is the agriculture department’s choice for student of the month. Libby has been taking agriculture classes and has been involved in the Weber FFA program since her sophomore year. Libby has taken every single AG class we offer at Weber High and has been a teacher’s assistant for several others.

We are happy to have her and will miss her greatly when she graduates.

Daniela Ruiz

Daniela is described as “smart, kind, and artistic.” She is a hardworking student with fantastic attendance. Her favorite hobbies are drawing and writing. Her favorite classes in school are history and German. She loves history because it’s, “interesting and crazy to see what people did in the past,” and she loves German because it’s so fun to learn another language. She also says, “Just take German!” She looks up to all of her teachers because “they put up with so much stuff.”

Her future goals are to attend college and earn a degree in psychology so she can be a therapist and a researcher Congratulations, Daniela!

Evelyn Stephens

Evelyn is Student of the Month for February. Evelyn is such a delight to have in class. She is a student who has inner motivation and self-expectation. Not only does Evelyn have a passion for Chinese and learning, but also works hard. She comes to class, gets busy working on her assignments, participates in class, and follows instructions. She always gets her assignments done fast and with high quality.

On top of being a great student, Evelyn is a great person, she is friendly and kind, always willing to help others in need. We have no doubt she will be very successful in the future.

Adalyn Bailey

Adalyn is always willing to help in class. She is a natural caregiver with a heart full of empathy. She is also eager to learn, ask for help, and to help others. Adalyn is always very prompt and responsible with turning in her assignments and with great effort, she truly values her schoolwork and her hard efforts.

Adalyn models the leadership that Maria Montessori strived for in all students. She has a unique and kind leadership style that is extremely valuable within our community.

Adalyn Bailey is nominated as the March student of the month for being an outstanding student and person in the life whom all should have the pleasure to meet.

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