Students of the Month

Brooklyn Edwards

During this school year, Brooklyn has stepped up and shown amazing leadership in her classes and with her peers as the President of the Warrior Business Academy. She has looked to include others, rather than exclude. She has taken other students who are new to DECA and FBLA under her wing and works with them on their projects and including them on her team for some of the events. Brooklyn is also an amazing student who does top-level work in class. Teachers don’t worry about her if she misses a day of school because they know she will get the work done. Brooklyn is a very driven young woman who is going to do great and amazing things!

Tessa Harrison

Tessa Harrison is a 9th grader at Orion Jr. High. Some of the great things are: she is bright, helpful, and kind. She works hard and isn’t afraid to try and do new things. Her favorite class is manufacturing. Tessa loves that it is hands on, and that she can go at her own pace to create something. Tessa is one of three girls in the class and doesn’t let that stop her from doing something she loves. She enjoys reading, theatre, looking at monologues and skits, and playing games. Tessa is highly involved in many clubs at Orion and stays busy with MESA, FCCLA, National Jr. Honor Society, Service Club, and is a member of PTSA. Just when you think Tessa couldn’t possibly fit anything else into her schedule, she tried out for and is in the school play, Guys & Dolls. She is amazing! The effort she puts into things, how much she cares, and her example to others around her is appreciated. Tessa has great leadership skills and will continue to do great things.

Chloe Huber

Chloe continually puts forth her best effort, turns in excellent work, and is extremely kind and thoughtful towards others. She is always staying on top of her work and asking questions when she doesn’t understand. This shows her determination to learn and succeed. Chloe comes into class with a smile on her face that makes her teacher’s day a little brighter. Her teacher’s favorite quote is…”If you take the time to learn someone’s name and find one thing to love about them, you have a friend.” Every time she sees Chloe, she has a smile on her face and shows a friendliness toward others that reminds her of that quote. Chloe, keep up your great work and always keep smiling!

Ash Dean

Ash has been an exemplary example of serving others before himself. He helps people clean up and restore areas, even though he is not asked or expected to. Ash is a student that is always asking questions and pushing himself to learn more in any subject. He has formed excellent habits of hard work and dedication to his school work, which will prove to help him be the best he can be in his education. He is always doing what needs to be done without being asked. Ash is never not laughing when you see him. He is always cracking jokes, and he reads articles and books in his “narrator voice,” which brings the attitude and mood of the class up. He is a perfect example of leading by example.

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