Students of the Month

Raegan Rogers

Raegan is a top-notch student, a dedicated worker, and a friend to all!

Not only does she take several college courses, but she is also involved in DECA and is part of Student Government. She is also dedicated to service, helping to implement the school food pantry last year and with Quarters and Cans for the last two years.

Raegan’s character shines through on a daily basis! Recently there was a medical emergency in the school; she, along with other students, did not shy away from a scary situation. Instead, she sprang into action to get help!

It is my pleasure to nominate her as WHS student of the month!

Kevin Cipullio

Kevin brings a spirit of inclusivity to our class community and to the junior high in general at Maria Montosorri Academy. He laughs with our most spirited students, and he works deeply in small groups and with individuals. Kevin offers a helping hand to anyone who asks it of him. Kevin is quick to respond and fair in his decisions. Kevin keeps a cool head and is never found getting upset or disruptive.

Kevin has great integrity. He is honest in all his dealings and will be straightforward and self-correct when it is needed. Living abroad in other countries has given him a sense of humility and fairness. His character shows that he is grateful for all that he has.

Kevin willingly dedicated his time and talents to joining the Montassori school council by becoming class representative. During the election proceedings, he showed respect for the other opponents.

Lily Lutz

Lily is a 9th grader at Orion Jr. High. Her favorite classes are physics and PE. She is good at math and is in the accelerated math program, enjoys running, playing sports, and baking. She played on Orion’s softball team this year and is a great team player.

Lily spends time helping her dad with their family business – putting furniture together, being a cashier, going on deliveries, and doing whatever needs to be done.

Lily is the vice president of Orion’s HOPE Squad and has done an excellent job serving her peers. She is quick to volunteer to help any time the opportunity arises and is ready at a moment’s notice. She is dependable, kind, friendly, and fun. Her friends and peers find her easy to talk to and she is someone they can trust. Lily has a great attitude and smile! She lights up the room.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. –John Quincy Adams

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