Students of the Month

Sage Stevenson
Sage Stevenson is a bubbly, outgoing, and hardworking student. She has learned to overcome obstacles, chosen to serve others, and lead by example. Sage understands the importance of giving back, helping others, doing the right thing consistently, and being kind to everyone. She does not take things for granted and maintains high character, as well as integrity, is important to her.

Cayleigh Hess
Cayleigh has been a pleasure to teach since she was in 7th grade. Her teacher, Ms. Wilson, has loved having her in class. This year, there has been a lot of growth, and teachers have been impressed. Cayleigh has worked so diligently this year in making sure she is here for class, turning assignments in on time, and succeeding. The growth that has occurred has been outstanding. Cayleigh has turned into a leader in classes and has taken the responsibility to be successful. She realizes that 9th grade is important and that it counts. Ms. Wilson has not seen growth in a student like she has seen in Cayleigh, and it will be exciting to see the success that Cayleigh will have throughout her life. She is going far.

Morgain Ahlmer
Morgan Ahlmer is a 9th-grade student at Orion Junior High this year. Morgan loves to play sports, particularly pickleball and tennis. Morgan also loves art, drawing, and spending time with her family and her Golden Doodle, Milo. When asked what her favorite subject is in school, Morgan explained that she has two favorite subjects: English and History. Morgan’s future goals entail attending a veterinary program to become a vet or a vet technician. Morgan is kind and considerate to everyone. She always greets people with the biggest and most contagious smile and positive energy. She is an extremely talented individual, and she will go far in life! Thanks for being a great example to everyone, Morgan!

Amira Kashinpour
Amira is always polite, helpful, and willing to help others in need. She will step in when asked without complaint, lead a group, or assist in other ways as needed by the teacher or other staff. Amira is always wanting to know about the way things work, people in history, and women’s history and studies. She wants to make a difference in the world and be her best self. She is determined to have good grades and is willing to put in the work to make it happen. Amira is honest with herself and teachers; when concepts do not make sense, she will question, ask, and do the research needed to understand. She does all things with integrity, such as ensuring that she is giving credit to those she references in her works. Good job, Amira.

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