Students of the Month

Congratulations to our hardworking students who are recognized by teachers and faculty at their schools. Great job!

Nate Norma
Weber High School

Nate is a ball of happiness and energy all rolled together in a wonderful student that looks out for his fellow Warriors! We are very lucky to have Nate’s energy in our office. He is always willing to help with a smile on his face. Nate is also extremely talented in music and theater. I have enjoyed his performances and cannot wait to see what his future holds.

Liza Kahn
North Ogden Junior High

Liza always brightens up the room with her kindness and her smile. She is helpful and sincere in everything she does. Liza works hard and is always trying to be the best that she can be, and it shows in the effort she puts into her schoolwork. She is kind and friendly to everyone she interacts with and is helpful to those around her. Liza is a joy to be around, and it is certain she will overcome every hurdle thrown her way. She takes challenges and learns from them with a great attitude. With growth in her confidence, Liza will succeed in all her endeavors and learn from the experiences along the way.

Keira Tinsley
Orion Jr. High School

Keira Tinsley is a 9th-grade student at Orion Junior High. She has excelled throughout her junior high years and will continue to go above and beyond as she enters high school. Grades are important to her, and she has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout junior high and wants to graduate with that. She loves to sing and act. Her favorite subjects are Math and Choir. Keira thinks she would like to work in the medical field as a career but feels there is still time for exploration. For college, she would like to attend somewhere in the Southern United States, possibly Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. She wants to be a good person and has always looked up to teachers for all that they do. Congratulations, Keira!!

We hope everyone has a wonderful summer; we’ll be back in October with more students of the month!

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