Students of the Month

Congratulations to our hardworking students who are recognized by teachers and faculty at their schools. Great job!

Ricky Matheson
Weber High School

Ricky has a 3.96 GPA, takes advanced science and math classes, and is very involved in Orchestra and Jazz band. He wants to be a professional musician and was selected to participate in the 2022 Utah All-State Orchestra and the 2022 Utah All-State Jazz Band. Ricky’s band teacher, Joe Windsor, said that, to his knowledge, Ricky is one of the first Weber High students selected to participate in the Utah State Jazz band in over 20 years. Ricky will also be performing his trumpet at the UMEA Conference in St. George and possibly at the BYU Jazz Festival. Ricky is a wonderful example of a well-rounded Warrior!

Elizabeth Parker
Orion Jr. High School

Elizabeth Parker is a 9th grade student at Orion Junior High. She is an excellent student with a 3.94 GPA. She is taking every Honors class available and works really hard to make sure her grades are exceptional and her work is done well. She is a part of the Spanish Immersion program, the Accelerated Math program, and is a PTSA Student Representative. She is caring and kind and always has a smile on her face. She enjoys reading, baking, hanging out with family, and playing games. Her favorite class is English because she loves her teacher Mrs. Jackson and because she wants to be an author one day and write Fantasy and Romance novels. She would love to attend any of the BYU schools, and with the wonderful things she has done and is yet to accomplish, we know she will be a means for great good in the world. Congratulations Elizabeth!!

Ashton Blue
Maria Montessori Academy

Ashton is an amazing student, who tries diligently in class every single day. He strives to complete tasks on time and to the best of his abilities. He’s not afraid to ask for help, to be wrong, and to learn from his missteps. In this way, Ashton is a model student to his peers and teachers. If he finishes work early, Ashton makes a point to help others who are struggling to understand a concept. He is kind and gracious in the way he communicates with his peers and treats everyone with respect and care. Ashton continues to strive for higher understanding by consistently asking critical thinking questions, bringing up valid points during class discussions, and finding abstract ways of viewing materials. Ashton has always demonstrated integrity, good sportsmanship, and trust. He has been forthcoming in his mistakes and behavior, always taking ownership of his work and himself.

Isaac Platt
North Ogden Junior High

Isaac is truly ONE AMAZING student! He’s the kind of student teachers wish they had a classroom full of. He is a hard worker–one of the hardest. Isaac is always on task, pays attention in class, and is such a joy to be around. He has a positive attitude and a friendly personality. Most of all, Isaac has integrity, is honest, and is not afraid of working hard. He has so many qualities that will give him success throughout his life. Isaac’s ability to work with others is impressive. It is fun watching him learn; he is someone who LOVES to learn.

Isaac is a natural-born leader who is going to go far in life. Thank you for all you do in class and outside of class!

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