Students of the Month

Congratulations to our hardworking students who are recognized by teachers and faculty at their schools. Great job!

Tyson Butler
Weber High School

Tyson Butler is a senior at Weber High, who continually demonstrates his leadership abilities and true warrior mentality. He is always respectful to teachers, staff, and other students. When his teachers were asked what they admire about him, they said, “Tyson is a deep thinker and comes up with out-of-the-box answers to my questions…He’s always positive and willing to help others. It doesn’t matter if it’s inconvenient; he always puts others first…He’s hard working and dedicated to his education.” Here’s another fun fact about Tyson: As a member of the cheer squad, he’s very proud of the fact that he’s never dropped a girl while stunting.

Chesney McLean
Orion Jr. High School

Chesney is a 9th-grade student at Orion Jr. High. Her favorite class is math, and she thinks it’s especially fun when she understands it. Chesney would love to be a cheerleader at Weber State University in the future, earn a scholarship for college, and possibly go into the medical field. She loves to cheer, tumble, and dance. Chesney’s positive traits at school are very noticeable, and she is a great student. Her interactions with others are fun and uplifting. It’s no surprise that she enjoys being a peer tutor, helping students in the contained unit and being an office aide. Chesney loves interacting with people and helping them. She is always smiling, fun to be around, and a genuine person. Chesney spreads sunshine all around her, and we appreciate her great attitude. Congratulations, Chesney!

Iselia Padilla
Maria Montessori Academy

Iselia (Nyx) Padilla came as a new student to our junior high this year. She immediately exemplified all the qualities that we strive for at our school. Humility, perseverance, strength, and humor made her a perfect role model for the rest of the class. She quickly became our unspoken leader, giving guidance and passionate reminders to our younger students of how to be and what is expected of them. Iselia led our class meetings, and through this position, she showed her ability to be responsible and organized. Also, her stories have inspired her classmates that one can get through anything and still shine. She always has a quiet strength, and she never burdens others with her personal difficulties. A witty response and a sweet laugh are often her shared gift with the rest of the class. Ready to give a helping hand to anyone who needs it is what you get from Iselia. Whether it’s leading a small group or getting an activity organized, she is there to do the work. I have greatly appreciated her leadership in my class and count it a blessing that she came to our school to inspire and uplift all those who get the privilege to meet her. I’m honored to have her be student of the month!

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