Students of the Month

Congratulations to our hardworking students who are recognized by teachers and faculty at their schools. Great job!

Heidi Braun
Weber High School

Heidi Braun is an outstanding young lady. As a member of the Hope Squad, she has taken the initiative to be in charge of all things media. She was tasked with filming and editing a video for Hope Week and went above and beyond creating scripts and directing it. She is willing to do anything that is asked of her and takes the initiative to share her ideas and ways of implementing them. Weber Hope Squad is lucky to have her.

Zambrie Simon
Orion Jr. High School

Zambrie is a 9th-grade student at Orion Jr. High. Her smile and energy lights up the room! She loves English, likes to write poetry, and to be involved in school activities. Zambrie is currently in Latinos in Action and on Orion’s football team. Her future goals are to go to Michigan State University and become a lawyer. Zambrie is a hard worker and strives to reach her goals. One of her teachers describes her as “a person who works to get what she wants.” She is smart, physically strong, and an amazing young lady. Congratulations, Zambrie!

Aiden Bourdreaux
Maria Montessori Academy

Aiden is a model student who has great attendance to all of his classes. On the rare occasion that he does miss a class, he is quick to catch up on assignments and communicate about missing work. Aiden does his work with diligence and precision, completing each assignment methodically and with purpose. He absorbs the materials presented to him and applies them in daily life. Aiden is an advocate for his own academic career and is always trying to better his grades and do extra to get ahead. It is for this reason we have chosen Aiden: for his constant and inspiring strive for excellence. Aiden always goes above and beyond in cross country. He is not only pushing himself to get better but is also pushing his teammates. He brings a positive energy and continually brings smiles to the team at practices and meets.

Miranda Brown
Orion Jr. High School

Miranda is one of those people who consistently has a smile on her face, along with a bright and happy attitude. She improves the classroom environment through consistent positive interactions with me and her classmates. For example, we had a new student join class, and Miranda immediately helped this student become comfortable by helping them with our class routine. I am excited to see all that Miranda will accomplish this year and in the future. I am certain she will have a positive impact, no matter where she goes, both in and out of the classroom.

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