Students of the Month

Makai Taggart

Weber High school

To say that Makai is well read is an understatement. Most students here at Weber read an average of one or two books a quarter, mostly due to teacher required reading. This is not the case with Makai. She is an avid reader. So far, this school year Makai has read 31 books (and this is just what I know from her library checkouts)! Her library checkout history contains 20 pages of history dating back from 2011. At 25 books per page, that adds up to a whopping 500 books! I quickly discovered that I can depend on her to keep me informed about which books are good and which ones are not so much. Keeping a high literary standard, she won’t read “trash,” but is discreet about it. If a novel has needless profanity in it, she simply turns the book back in and checks out another. She participates in the book club, this year serving as an officer. She is a joy to converse with and always, always has a happy, friendly smile on her face. – Jennifer Slater

Travis Franklin

North Ogden Junior High

It is with pleasure that I nominate Travis Franklin for Student of the Month. This is Travis’ first year at North Ogden Junior High and I have thoroughly enjoyed having him in my Physical Education class. Travis comes to class each day ready to participate. PE is a new transition in Junior High and Travis may not enjoy every aspect of PE, but he works hard and gives a great effort. Travis is always so friendly to others around him which is a great quality to have. 

He is attentive, cooperative, and is responsible for his learning. Anytime I ask him to help he is always so willing to do what he can. He works well in groups he is assigned to and gets along with everyone around him. I love coming to class and seeing Travis because he always has a smile on his face. His smile lights up the room and brings happiness. The class is better with Travis Franklin.  He inspires me to be better and to always look at the positive no matter the circumstances.  He has been a joy to have in class and I enjoy being his teacher and watching him progress and enjoy physical education and all the activities associated with it. – Mrs. Robyn Barker

Brookell Kimose

Maria Montessori Academy

Brookell Kimose serves the community at Maria Montessori Academy as a 9th grade Student Council Officer and member of the school’s HOPE Squad. As a type one diabetic, she is passionate about bringing awareness to and a cure for diabetes. “Team Brookell” started by Brookell and her family, is part of the Tour de Cure, a long distance bike event to raise money for diabetes research. She enjoys bike riding, archery, wildlife, her family, and dogs.

Brookell is described as strong, determined, respectful and a bit sarcastic. Due to her diabetes, she is unable to go into the military and instead would like to become a wildlife officer.

Brookell is an amazing leader. “I am a very blunt person and level-headed. I feel I am a good example to others and I feel that is something a good leader needs to be. I would like others to know that I believe everyone has their own personal trials and tribulations. Everyone’s life is unique, and we all handle situations differently. I know that our trials will help shape us into the people we are meant to be,” she said.

Skyy Spraw 

Orion Junior High School

Skyy is a 9th-grade student at Orion Jr. High, and was chosen as student of the month for November. Her personal hobbies include photography, drawing, painting, playing with her dog, and spending time with her family. Skyy’s favorite class at Orion is Options, with her favorite teacher Mrs. Hubbard. The best part of her day is being able to see Mrs. Hubbard and helping in the front office as an office aide. Skyy’s GPA is a 3.2, and her personal goal is to finish the year with good grades and good attendance. She would also like to get at least one 4.0. Skyy would like to continue her education by attending college after high school and is interested in photography or nursing. Congratulations Skyy, on being a great student and a great person! 

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