Students of the Month

Kambrie Dahlin

Weber High School

Kambrie is a great example of being balanced. She keeps up on her grades, has a job at Nordic, and played a lead in the school musical. I also appreciate Kambrie’s thoughtful, in-depth responses to questions I pose. Kambrie is a great student, and I appreciate having her in my class.

Harrison Fonnesbeck

Maria Montessori Academy

Harrison Fonnesbeck is a 7th-grader at Maria Montessori Academy. He does really well academically, not only by earning good grades, but also by helping his peers who are struggling with school work. He works well with all, and especially takes time to make those with special needs feel included. His teachers can often ask him to help with various tasks in the classroom. Harrison is punctual and reliable and just an overall fantastic person!

Makai Melo

North Ogden Jr High

Makai is an incredibly responsible young man. He always seems to choose to do the right thing, even when he doesn’t realize people are watching. This is a very admirable quality for someone to have in life.
His presence makes running a PE class much more enjoyable because I know that if I asked him to do something, he would do it. Whether it’s jumping in with a group of kids he doesn’t know well, or helping to pick up equipment, I always know that Makai is willing to lend a hand. Regardless of the sport or activity, Makai is always willing to put his best effort into it. Last but not least, Makai is always kind to those around him. I have never heard him talk negatively to a classmate. Having a kind, welcoming attitude helps to create a positive classroom atmosphere, and I am extremely grateful for Makai and others like him who help create that environment.

Maddison Espinoza

Orion Jr. High

Maddison is a 7th-grade student at Orion Jr. High. Her favorite class is Spanish, and one of her goals is to keep good grades. Maddison is planning to attend Weber State University and wants to work with babies in the NICU in the future. She loves to dance and play baseball with her cousins. Maddison is a loving, trustworthy, fun, and caring person. Her school counselor, Mr. Roche says, “Maddison is a great kid!” Congratulations, Maddi!

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