Students of the Month

Britney Smith

Weber High School

Britney is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She sincerely cares about other people and is not afraid to be herself or allow others to be themselves. She seeks to include everyone–if someone doesn’t have a partner or needs a friend, I know I ask Britney to help, and she will do so with a smile. Britney has been an incredible student who cares not only about other people, but about her school work too. She always does her best in class and asks questions when she doesn’t understand things. She has a curious soul and seeks to learn, not just memorize or jump through hoops in order to pass. I am honored to know Britney and to have her as my student.

Drew Warnes

North Ogden Jr. High School

Drew’s attitude in class is something that sets him apart from other students. He’s always positive and studious and does not hesitate to show it; even when he’s been having a bad time, he doesn’t have any bad days. He infects others with this positive attitude, which makes the whole class better overall. 

He is dedicated to doing a good job. I’ve seen him progress since 7th grade to become an outstanding student who gives 100 percent. It is not always easy, as a teenager, to keep focused on a job that is dull or with which you don’t agree. However, Drew has shown that he is developing this skill of focus. He always fixes mistakes on assignments without complaint and thus shows that he’s willing to learn. 

He is also a great example of participation in my class. This is one of the most important aspects of great students, and Drew has it.

Rya Smith

Orion Jr. High School

Rya is a 9th grader at Orion Junior High. She likes to bake, dance, sing, and hang out with her family. Rya loves Broadway musicals, with her favorite one being Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. She loves to sing and is currently in choir at Orion. Her favorite class is Design & Apparel, and she is excited to be in that class this semester. Rya has a future goal to study Culinary Arts and open her own bakery. She is a very kind-hearted, lovable, and caring person, and is happy just being herself. Congratulations, Rya!

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