Students of the Month

Mick Gunther

Mick Gunther can take any situation he is placed in and turn it into a good one. Often students are afraid to work with and talk to people they don’t know, but Mick isn’t. He’s always willing to work with different people and to help those around him who don’t understand what is going on or who needs extra help. Mick is an excellent teacher. He learns quickly and then shares that knowledge with others in a way that is non-threatening. Mick is a risk taker. He isn’t afraid to practice his signing in front of others even when he is not 100% sure he is doing it right. Something I appreciate about Mick is that he has a strong sense of integrity, if he says he will do something, he will. No matter the situation, you can always count on Mick.

Maria Torres

Maria Torres is a 9th grader at Orion Junior High. She enjoys doodling, drawing, dancing, and music. Maria is a hard worker and has a strong desire to do good things. Her personal goal is to help her parents have a good future, and her academic goal is to finish school with good grades. Maria is interested in becoming a cosmetologist and has a bright future before her.  Congratulations to Maria on doing a great job this year and working hard to succeed!

Jaxon Archuleta

Jaxon Archuleta is a kind and considerate 9th grade student at Maria Montessori Academy who helps others in his community. He enjoys school, especially time with friends. His favorite subject is English and he finds learning German fascinating. He loves music, especially heavy metal, and is considering being a drummer. He appreciates the power and strong drum beats that you can feel through the headphones when listening to heavy metal music. He would like to create music that can pull people out of hard times. “I would like to bring happiness to the world and I would love to have enough money to help charities.”

Oscar Hellstrand

Congratulations Oscar Hellstrand, you are the North Ogden Junior High Student of the Month for Choir! This honor is only bestowed on two students each year, and is only given to students exhibiting extraordinary character, performance, and progress in my classes…and that is you! Since the very first day of school, you have continually exceeded the expectations set in our program. Each day you come into class with a smile on your face, excitement in your eyes, with open mind, and a willingness to take risks. I ask you and all of the students in choir  to do new, and often scary things like performing for your peers weekly.  Your hand is usually the first in the air, and you complete these tasks with a smile on your face! To quote the great Miss Frizzle, you aren’t afraid to “take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”

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