Students of the Month

Xitlali-Vanessa from Weber High

Xitlali-Vanessa came to Weber at the end of her sophomore year.  She came with a bright smile and a desire to help others.  She is an active member of our Hope Squad and Multicultural Club.  Xitlali-Vanessa strives to help Weber High celebrate different cultures, and she has been very proactive in doing lunchtime activities to promote this.  Xitlali-Vanessa’s contribution with Hope Squad is invaluable as well as she genuinely cares about helping people.  She is truly a Warrior!

Emilee from Orion Junior High

Emilee is a 9th grade student at Orion Junior High. She is very friendly and works hard at school and accomplishing the things that are important to her. Her hobbies include playing the piano and guitar, and she likes to sing and write original songs. Emilee’s favorite class is honors English. She loves to read and spends a lot of time in the library. Emilee is definitely one of the top readers in our school! She wants to become a published author and possibly become a counselor or therapist. Emilee plans to attend UVU in the future. Keep up the great work Emilee! 

Angel Mendoza from Maria Montessori Academy

Angel Mendoza is known for his kindness and positive attitude.  He always has a smile on his face.  Angel is also very ambitious and wants to open his own Mexican restaurant someday.  We asked him why and he said, “I watch my grandma make food for our family and it always brings a smile to my family’s faces; I want to make people happy like that too.”  Angel is an avid reader and even reads during his free time.  He said, “It brings me to all kinds of interesting places.”  When asked if he could change one thing in this world and what that would it be, he replied, “I would help children who immigrate to the United States get treated fairly in the judicial system.” This goal shows Angel’s caring and thoughtful approach to his life and his awareness to reach out as a global citizen; he will go far!  

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