Students of the Month

Daniel Davies

Weber High School

Daniel is an extremely motivated student.  He is graduating a full year early in order to prepare for a career in the military.  He has maintained a high GPA in rigorous classes, taken several online classes on top of his regular classes, and has near-perfect attendance.  He is very respectful to his teachers and peers. Daniel has been an asset to Weber High and will be an asset to society in the future as he is willing to sacrifice for our country.  Daniel personifies Warrior Strong.

Setaleki Pohahau

North Ogden Jr High

It is my pleasure to nominate Setaleki for the Language Arts department.  I have been able to associate with him for the last couple of years and have been so impressed with his work ethic, attitude, kindness and desire to do well. He wants to do his best and completes his work on time.  He works hard in class and has maintained good grades all year. I know if Setaleki tells me he will do something, he will do it and do it well. Most days when he arrives in class, he says hello. Some students do that but not many and not on a regular basis.  He is friendly, respectful and participates in class. He is kind when he talks to or responds to people. When he leaves, he says thank you as he walks out the door. He makes a conscious choice to work hard and enjoy his day. I appreciate his willingness to achieve. A popular song reminds us, “…And when you dream, dream big.” Setaleki has big dreams.  Recently, students had to present a career they might want to work toward in the future. He did a great job in his presentation of what he wanted to be. He wants to work hard; he wants to make great academic achievements. He is willing to do what he needs to do to achieve success. I know he can be successful. I look forward to seeing what he will do. With his attitude, the possibilities are endless! -Sincerely, Ms. Campbell (Language Arts)

Elijah Byers

Maria Montessori Academy

Elijah is an exemplar student of the month. He truly demonstrates those qualities that are valued in a leader and in a student. Elijah is very considerate and often finds ways to help other students and faculty. Teachers and students know he is dependable and that he will make extra efforts to aid everyone. Elijah has a great sense of humor and brings a cheerful attitude to his work, including cross country and track. He participates in both sports and loves the way running makes him feel. Elijah has a large impact on the school and the community through his willingness to include others and to make sure everyone feels welcome and acknowledged. His abilities to help and lead others will take him to many great places in his future.

 Isaac Turley

Orion Jr High School

Isaac Turley is a 9th grader at Orion Junior High. He enjoys spending time skateboarding, going to the skate park, and playing video games. Isaac’s favorite class at Orion is choir where he sings bass. He has taken choir for the past three years and says that he loves that he can be himself in that class. Isaac says the best part of Orion is having really nice teachers. He said, “They go the extra mile for students.” Isaac’s goals for the future are to become a comedian, travel to Sweden where his ancestors are from, and continue to learn to speak Swedish. Congratulations Isaac!

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