Student of the Month

Every month, we recognize students who have been selected by their teachers for their academic, extra-curricular and character achievements.

Abbey Smoot

North Ogden Junior High School

Abbey has been a joy to have as a student. I have watched her develop her talents and abilities since the 7th grade.I appreciate and love that she is self-motivated and always keeps busy. When she has completed her own assignments, she continues to work ahead on the next assignment or looks for others she can help. Several times, I have overheard or glanced to see Abbey helping a peer who was absent or does not understand how to do something. She just notices a need and takes the initiative to help.

It has also been fun to watch her creative side come out in her sewing. She is very creative! I can tell she is excited about what she is doing which is very rewarding as a teacher. She is always happy. She can get along with anyone and everyone and does. She is very smart and does very well in remembering things she is taught. She is always willing to participate in class discussions and bell quizzes. She has been an amazing student in every way.I am so glad I have been able to have Abbey in class and expect all of the qualities I have enjoyed to continue throughout not only her Junior High and High School experience but also throughout her life.


Janet Weaver, FACS Teacher

Kobe Bassett

Maria Montessori Academy

Kobe is a true representative of the essence of a secondary Montessori student. In his eight years at Maria Montessori Academy, he has developed into a thoughtful and productive leader. As a peer mentor, he lovingly supports the lower elementary students and their teachers through modeling grace, courtesy, and a love of learning. He encourages and inspires others by helping them stay organized, on task, and finishing work. He has an advanced sense of the world around him and a hunger to learn.

 He has embraced the rigor of his freshman year at MMA and takes a proactive approach in seeking the answers to the questions he has. He asks for tutoring when necessary and challenges himself by going the extra mile. Kobe is a gentleman, greeting everyone with a genuine smile each day. He’s thoughtful and his friends say he’s fun to be around. We’re grateful for Kobe’s “Mother Hen” personality and appreciate his quirky sense of humor.

Oakley Lawrence

Orion Junior High School

Oakley is a 9th-grade student at Orion Jr. High. His personal hobbies are playing sports and hanging out with his friends. Oakley’s favorite class at Orion is PE, which isn’t surprising since his extracurricular activities include baseball, football, basketball, and being on the HOPE Squad! His GPA is a 3.9. Oakley states, “the best part about Orion is there is very low bullying, great teachers, and great students.” His personal goal is to play baseball in the pros or at least at a college level, and his academic goal is to hold a 4.0 GPA all through high school. Oakley would also like to get a scholarship to play baseball at Dixie State University. Congratulations Oakley! 

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