Student of the Month

Skye Herrera

Maria Montessori Academy

Independent, self-advocating, and actively curious about the wonder of the world, Skye Herrera is a fun-loving, cheerful adolescent in our Jr High. She enjoys talking and laughing with her chosen family of friends. Skye is famous for speaking the made-up language of “loofah” and for being a person who will listen from the Hope Squad. She enjoys swimming competitively, art club, and archery.

Skye has an independent spirit and strives to understand things that she is taught in the classroom. The phrase “teach me to do it myself” is a mantra she has taken to heart and a message she models to her classmates. She advocates for herself and her classmates and she can be found playing and talking with students from all grade levels.

She personally says she is not the best student. However, she has a curiosity of the world and strives to learn everything. She dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian if she can ever overcome her nemesis of science class. She’ll be attending Ogden High School next year and we are proud to guide her toward her future after Maria Montessori Academy. 

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