String Town

Not to long after we moved here in 2008 we learned that there was an unseen line that divided  Pleasant View from North Ogden. Even though it’s a line that is hard to see there is a pride that comes from living in both towns. The first settlers did not care about the boundaries between communities. Those that were on the west side of North Ogden were referred to as the West End, then West District and String Town.

The oft used moniker for towns that are a string of houses all along one road. In the early days, Pleasant View only houses, all along what is now called Pleasant View Drive, hard to imagine with how much it has grown, but it is true. Finally in 1882 it officially became known as Pleasant View. This settlement was named by Wilford Cragun, the first white child born in the settlement. It is said that Wilford looked over the community and remarked that is was a pleasant view. Hence the name. Wilford was right. It is a pleasant view in Pleasant View and a great place to call it home.


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