Sparky, Call, Max and Loki

Two dogs, one cat and a Python makes for a full house!

Sparky is a twelve year old Red-Merle Australian Shepherd. He doesn’t care for toys but he loves to play like a puppy. He wouldn’t hurt a fly and is a very loyal companion. When we are out swimming and go underwater, he watches and barks and howls as if trying to alarm someone that we went under.



Calli is an eight year old Calico Manx. She is very loving and loves to be right by my side. If I’m on my phone not paying attention to her, she will lay right on top of my chest or paw at my leg and meow. My dad brought her home for me from the shelter about seven years ago. She is very spoiled now! She has over thirty-five cat toys, some of which I handmade and she gets Fancy Feast wet food and treats every day along with her dry food. She’s my little princess and she even comes camping with us. Yes, she has a pink, sparkly harness and leash, which she loves!


Max is a six year old Mini Yorkshire Terrier. He is very sassy and most definitely has selective hearing! If he is asleep on your lap and you move, he will do a little growl, glare at you and move to someone else. He is very energetic and loves to chase Calli and play with Sparky, even when Sparky doesn’t want to play.


Loki is a Ball Python snake who is a year and a half old. He is very loving and loves to be held. He also loves to “ball” up under his rock dome and sleep. He loves to explore and meet new people. He does get along with the other pets, especially Calli. I won’t let them touch each other but they have gotten near each other. Loki eats a live mouse every two weeks. He is about a foot and a half for right now but will grow to be about four to five feet long!


They are all part of the family and we wouldn’t trade them for anything!

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