Solar Power Deadline

Are you interested in solar power for your home or business? If you would like to lock in the top rate for Rocky Mountain Power to credit you for power the solar panels you install produce, now is the time to sign up to install solar power. Those credits are what make your power bill stay at or near $0 during the off months when the sun doesn’t shine as much. New rules will go into effect starting November 15th reducing the credits, solar power users receive.

The good news is that existing customers will be grandfathered in and continue to receive the existing credits. The other good news is you don’t have to even make a final decision by then, you only need to sign up with an intent to install before November 15th. Signups are free and there is no obligation, you just have to indicate your intent in order to lock in the grandfathered net metering rate.

Second Sun Solar is a proud supporter of this publication and we are happy to fill out the paperwork for you, for free with no obligation. All we need is your email and a copy of your current power bill. Take a picture of your bill and text or email it and we will take care of the paperwork. We can also quote you on what it will cost to install solar for your home or business. We can get your power bill down to nearly $0 a month. No rate increases because you own the panels.

Text: 801-750-0765


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