Skyline Cycle

Matthew Haysenyager and his love of bikes lead to opening his own bike shop in downtown Ogden.

At age 13 Matthew Haysenyager had saved enough money from working at a local dairy for several years to purchase his first nice mountain bike, a Bianchi Lynx, (today he rides a steel hard-tail called Karate Monkey made by Surly). When Matt walked into the nearly 100-year-old church that had been converted to Miller Ski and Cycle Haus in the 70’s there is no way he could have known that one day he would purchase the business and name it Skyline Cycle.

The first records that the Weber County Heritage Foundation have on the building are dated around 1947. It was known as the Calvary Full Gospel Church or Tabernacle. Going through two name changes, Neighborhood Church and Missionary Alliance before it was sold to Miller Ski & Cycle in the early 1970’s.

Matt speaks of riding bicycles with a reverence that coveys the intense passion he has for the freedom and joy that come from riding on two wheels. Bikes represent a freedom for nearly all age groups that is unmatched by any other recreational vehicle.

Today, Matt owns and operates Skyline Cycle and his infectious, easy going personality is the perfect fit for his down to earth store of bicycles and all the accessories that go with the sport. Matt teaches his team that no matter who walks through the door, whether they walk in with a $10 bike they bought from the D.I. or they have a $10,000 carbon fiber road bike, they are still his customers and soon to be his friends. He says he hires enthusiasts of bicycling but the number one characteristic he looks for is people with friendly helpful personalities who will help customers get what they want.

The now 10-year-old store has customers from all walks of life, some of whom are brand new novices buying the first bike they have owned since they were a child while others are masters of the sport. He has even had new customers who purchased their first bike from his store and are now riding professionally all over the country. Regardless, he is welcoming to all customers. He does not want anyone to feel judged by the bike they choose. He knows that modern bikes are not inexpensive and is glad when a customer gets a bike no matter the price tag.

The store is Matt’s happy place and has a welcoming feel, the pleasant aroma of many years of bike lube, rubber tires and new bikes is present as you walk through the old church door. You will find sleek road bikes, rugged mountain bikes, BMX bikes, Huge Wheeled Fat Bikes (that can ride in the snow) and comfort cruisers. Basically whatever you are after Skyline has it and in a variety of prices and options.

Just north of 12th street on Washington Blvd., you will find a quaint, old-fashioned church with several bikes parked out front and a neon open sign glowing in the window. When we go shopping for bikes, my children are always super excited to see the hundred or so bikes lining the sales floor, but are even more excited about petting Matt’s two dogs Blue (Lab) and Smalls (the fuzzy one) who are either happy to greet customers, or are napping peacefully in the middle of the store.

Skyline Cycle has starter bikes for anyone from toddlers to adults as well a full line of Giant, Kona, Raleigh, Scott, Surly, Felt, Salsa, Foes, Ibis, Transition, and Niner. You can also find accessories from biking shorts and mountain biking shoes to tools and water bottles. Don’t let the rustic building fool you, there are some top technology, top of the line bikes available here. I don’t even work there and it is a bit of a happy place for me too.

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