Case Study from North Ogden – Amy Kimball

We have enjoyed working with Amy and her forthright nature. After all, we’ve trusted ourselves to her professional hands as the owner of Ogden Massage for Pain Relief, and she wanted to see for herself whether Mountain Springs Esthetix lived up to its claim of painless skin rejuvenation without needles, toxins, or blades. She generously allowed us to share her experience and words.

Amy’s goal was to lift her eyelids and lighten her sunspots. We used two different treatments to achieve her goals. Radiofrequency (RF) is a painless method for vanishing wrinkles, tightening skin, and improving collagen protein in the skin. The second technology was Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), which can cause a little temporary discomfort, but helps the skin glow, reduces blemishes, as well as provides long-term hair removal.

By her fourth of six visits, Amy said, “I’m not sure this is working. I can’t tell if my eyelids are improving or not.”

“We aren’t there yet,” said Lexi, her clinician, “but let’s look at the progress so far.”

Amy’s goal was to lift her eyelids and lighten her sunspots.

They compared her current progress with her before pictures.

“I can see the difference, now,” Amy said. “Wow, look at that. It’s even working under my eyes, and I’ve had you focus on the lids. Ok, let’s keep going!”

Amy was quick to point out that the process did include some discomfort. “I can feel it, and I know it’s working, but I can stick it out. I know you can dial it back. . . but don’t, I want the results.”

She completed her treatments, and in the end, she was happy with the results. The collection of sunspots on her face lightened up beautifully. “If I had known it would work so well, I would have had you focus on the rest of the area around the eyes so I could have gotten even better results.”

The new year is upon us. If you have a vision of a new you this year, and it involves skin rejuve-nation, we look forward to helping you make that a reality. Are you looking for improved skin tone and glow painless long-term hair removal, and much more, WITHOUT needles, toxins, or blades? Visit us here at Mountain Springs Esthetix. See our website for more before and after pictures, or call us at 801-682-1416 to schedule a free consultation. Happy New Year!

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