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With over a decade of experience helping our clients lose weight, tone up, and getting our clients into their best shape ever, we’ve learned that there are two key factors to your success. First is Convenience. If it’s convenient you’re more likely to stick with it. Second is you’ve got to have the right trainer.


Holly and Jason Loveless, residents of North Ogden, are passionate about personal fitness. Wanting to help others inspired them to set aside money from the sale of their Orem home so they could launch Utah’s first In-home Personal Training bus, Send Me a Trainer, while spending more time with family.

Jason is a Physical Therapist from California, but he’s now lived in Utah longer than anywhere else. Holly moved to Utah from Spokane, Washington 11 years ago, and she’s lived in Northern Utah for the past four of them.

“My favorite thing about living in Utah is its slower pace,” said Jason. “It’s calmer, and it just feels like home.”

Jason loves running to stay fit, and he especially enjoys helping other people improve their quality of life. Holly, a former high school teacher, is also keen on fitness and running. She’s run nine marathons, including the famed Boston Marathon. In her second year coaching a running club while still teaching, 20 of her students made it into the Los Angeles Marathon. “They did great, they were champs,” said Holly.

At Send Me a Trainer North Ogden, Holly reaches out to anyone interested in personal training and then matches them with a certified trainer who will help them achieve their fitness goals. With four little children, according to Holly, it’s great to be able to work from home.

“One of the main reasons I went into teaching was to make an impact on individuals, so they can ultimately improve their lives,” said Holly. “I’m not in the classroom right now, but I am finding through this business that I am still able to help.”

When asked how trainers are matched with prospective clients, Holly replied, “I know all of our trainers well. I know their strengths. If someone is looking to lose weight or build muscle, and even for those with limited mobility, I know which trainer to send.”

30-minute sessions cost $35-45; 60-minute sessions run from $59-75. Clients may review trainer profiles via the Send Me a Trainer app. They’re currently serving clients from the ages of 14 to 89. Jason coordinates the connection and marketing side of things, which includes running ads and coordinating events and visits to local businesses. “The training we provide helps people meet their goals faster than just going to the gym. It helps them to be accountable as they get in shape by developing healthy habits from their preferred location,” said Jason. “If they are meeting their goals, we know we are meeting ours.”

Get on the North Ogden Send Me a Trainer app and sign up for a session. Call them now at (801) 391-3704, and you can get a free first session that’s not currently offered on the app.

“We want to help people live the healthiest life they can,” said Jason.

Their goal is to give you access to top qualified trainers in your area. You can even rotate trainers to make sure you find the right fit. No more wasting time searching for trainers or going to the gym.

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