Safety Tips for Snow Removal

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When snow is covering the ground and cold air is blowing, we want to finish our outdoor chores as quickly as possible so we can get back inside where it is warm. While some find snow removal to be a good form of exercise and enjoyable, others are looking for the quickest and safest ways to complete the job.

Here are some tips and tricks we’ve gathered:


Step one is to make sure you are properly covered. Nothing is more dangerous that exposing your body to harsh elements for any period of time. Know the conditions and dress appropriately, and realize that snow removal can take a while. If you are snow blowing, eye protection and a scarf or face mask can help prevent windburn or other irritation.


Wind direction can play a big role, especially if using a snow blower. If you want to avoid rework and a refreshing face wash, do not throw snow into the wind.


Make sure you keep up on proper maintenance of your snow blower so it keeps running when you really need it. Use WD-40 or cooking spray on the augers to help prevent snow from sticking. When you are done clearing the snow, make sure you continue to run the machine for a bit so all the excess snow is removed before you put it away. This will help slow wear and tear and rust, as it reduces the amount of snow melt sitting inside.


Know where you are putting the snow and avoid throwing it toward your home, vehicles, and people. While it may be light and fluffy, there may be hidden ice or debris that could cause damage or injury.

After your hard work is complete, don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of a fresh snowfall—make a snowman, have a snowball fight, or make a snow angel. Following these tips will help you complete the job safely and quickly.

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