Ryan Barker For City Council

Ryan Barkers responses to questions

1. Please discuss the value you attach to the following places and events in North Ogden: North Shore Aquatic Center, City Parks, Cherry Days, Chalk Art Festival, AYSO, N.O. Limits Half Marathon, Sr. Citizens Center.

As a lifelong resident of North Ogden, I see and consider each of these places and events vital to the community of North Ogden:

North Shore: I am an advocate for this facility. It is my understanding that each year this
facility loses money, however, I see a larger benefit to the City than monetary. With me
being employed by North View Fire District I am able to witness the amount of kids and
families that come to this facility daily. It appears to me that the facility always has a
large number of kids waiting to use the diving boards, water slides and other amenities at
this facility. My family comes to swim in the pool multiple times each year and there is
something for all my kids to enjoy, starting with my youngest, all the way up to my
teenage children.

 City Parks: I respect the job that Tiffani and the Parks Department do in maintaining and
operating all the City Parks. My family participates in North Ogden Recreation Sports so
my children play multiple games at the parks each year. I feel our city parks are some of
the finest in the county. I think it is important to maintain these parks and all the
amenities they have.

 Cherry Days: This is a huge event for our City. I know some residents look forward to
all the festivities each year. I respect the job the City Council has done in preparing and
running this event each year. I look forward to helping any way that I am able.

AYSO: I personally have not had any children that have played soccer. I do realize this
is an important part of the community with more and more children playing soccer. I
place the same level of importance on AYSO as I do for the rest of the sports under North
Ogden Recreation.

Sr. Citizens Center: I feel this facility is vital to the city. Many events take place in
this facility each year. A few members of the Fire Department volunteer each year to
help serve the Seniors dinner and speak with them. This is an avenue that the Seniors in
our community can use to meet together and also be able to get the useful information
needed during each of the events held throughout the year.

Chalk Art Festival: This is a new event in our city but one I want to support. I know the
family that organized the event and the circumstances surrounding them. I am grateful
that our City allows this event to happen again this year and look forward to doing my
part to perpetuate this event in the upcoming years.

N.O. Marathon: I am not a runner and have not had any desire to participate in this event
but do feel that it benefits the city. I know that we have many residents that enjoy
running in this marathon each year and am looking forward to helping with this event in
the future.

2. The North Ogden Plaza (Kings and Kirt’s Family Drive Inn) has the potential for growth
which would benefit the city economically. Are you in favor of promoting more/better
businesses? If you are, how would you promote the growth?

I am definitely in favor of promoting more business for this area. As a child, I remember fondly
visiting the old King’s and Macy’s and then going over to Kirt’s. This area of our city used to be
economically important and I would like to see it get back to its potential. I am not sure what or
how I could promote this area to better attract businesses. I feel that the Mayor and staff are
already doing a great job in bringing in additional businesses. I would be willing to do whatever
is asked of me to help promote this area.

3. The city purchased Barker Park many years ago. A large part of the park remains
undeveloped. What would you do with the undeveloped land? If there is a cost involved to
implement your plan, how would you pay for it?

This question is possibly the easiest for me to answer. Being part of the family that sold this land
to the City I feel I have a small understanding of what this land should be used for. It is my
understanding that there is an agreement in place between North Ogden City and the Ray Barker
Family, that the undeveloped land will remain available to be farmed by the family until it is
ready to be developed. I personally would like to see this land be developed for a park so the
rest of the city may enjoy its beauty. I also understand that there is a committee made up of City
Counsel and Barker Family Members to design the new park. As for financing, I would suggest
the city continue asking for and using RAMP funds to help pay for the park. I realize that the
city must still come up with a matching portion but if the City is willing to match and contribute
to redesign and rebuild the existing Amphitheater then the City should strive to fulfill its
promises made to the Barker Family concerning the rest of the undeveloped land.

4. Employee costs are rising each year. How do you plan to deal with this issue?

This is a question that as of this time I am not sure how to answer. I realize that employee costs
continue to rise each year; however, I also believe that as a City we should make sure that our
employees are paid what they are worth. I believe that employees should be paid fairly in order
to retain them. I feel that it is more beneficial to have trained personnel who are paid fairly than
having to hire entry-level personnel for less money who still will need to be trained. If the
employees are not compensated fairly the City will become a training department for other cities
and we will not be able to retain our quality personnel.

5. The city does not have adequate funding to repair, replace and maintain city assets including
water, sewer, and storm drain lines, water meter equipment, vehicles and buildings. How will
you deal with this issue?

Unfortunately, this is another question that I am not able to fully answer yet. I am not sure how
to raise additional funding needed. After working with multiple departments I fully respect what
they are able to accomplish with the funds that they have. I admire our City employees that
strive to maintain the city’s infrastructure as best as possible and still work on improvements as
needed. I think this is a problem every city deals within that as a city we need to be fiscally
responsible with our Tax Payers money but also strive to make improvements when needed.

6. What would you like to accomplish while serving on the city council?

I am not running for City Council because I disagree with the direction the Council is heading. I
feel the Council already has the City’s best interest at hand and would like to help any way
possible. Having grown up in North Ogden on a farm I have seen the City grow from lots of
farmland and little commercial development into lots of residential development with fewer
farms. I would hope that I would be a voice of reason and a member who would be able to see
the rights of property owners but also understand that direction the city would like to go. I
would not want to change the direction that the council is heading but would want to lend my
voice in helping any way possible.

7. What are the issues that you think need to be addressed in the city?

I think that the issues that need to be addressed are already being considered. I agree that the
intersection of 2600 North 400 East needs to be widened and changed. I agree that 400 E. and 2600
N. both need to be widened. I think the area around King’s and Kirt’s needs to be addressed and
improved. I also think that as the city continues to grow the Police Department will need to
grow as well. The issue of extending Monroe Blvd. will need to be addressed at some time. I
think that we will need to work with Weber School District in getting another elementary school
built in North Ogden to help with the overcrowding issues. There are lots of issues that will need
to be addressed as the city continues to grow but nothing that will be insurmountable.

8. How have you already been volunteering or serving in the city?

For the past 4 years, I have been serving as the Fire Inspector/Fire Marshal for North View Fire
District. My responsibilities include working with North Ogden City Planning Department. My
responsibilities include ensuring that the residents of the city are safe in all of the cities
commercial structures. They entail ensuring the residents have adequate access to their personal
homes in case of emergency. I also come with the Fire Department for Cherry Days, to take part
in the parade and also am on site in the evening for the Fire Works helping make sure that no
emergencies occur. I am part of the public education team that visits the schools in the city to
meet with the kids and work with them. I strive to attend City Council when possible to stay
apprised of the issues being dealt with in the city and lend my voice when needed.

9.If you are not elected, what would you do to try to help work on ideas or issues that are
important to you?

If I am not elected I will continue to do what I am already doing. I will continue to attend City
Council. I will continue to serve the city through my position with North View Fire District. I
will continue to help out at whatever events need volunteers. I have grown up in the city and
have no plans of leaving I will continue to serve the city because it will, in turn, be able to serve
me and my family. I look forward to the direction the city is going and hope to be able to help in
any way possible.

*Connection Publishing does not endorse or favor one candidate over another. These questions and answers were provided by North Ogden City and each candidate was given equal opportunity to answer according to their campaigns. This information is provided here for informational purposes only. Ryan Barker responses to questions

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