There is something about having a routine. Waking up at the same time in the mornings, exercising, praying, reading or whatever it is you do … having routines is comforting. The kids are back in school and although we already miss the fun and the freedom of summer, it is nice to get back in the groove again. Even our kids all complain endlessly about going back to school, even they are happier when the routines of our lives get back to the norm.

Be sure to check out our new news website, We will be updating it with more details for each of these stories as well as an executive summary from each city council meeting.

This month we have some great articles on canning, skeins of geese and pro tips on how to take great photographs. Don’t forget to enter your photos in the contest on our Facebook page. Pictured below are the current top 4 photographs in the contests as of August 15th. You can still enter your photo into the contest and vote daily through September 15th. Good luck!

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