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Dr. Andy Rockwood’s first pair of glasses as a young boy helped shaped his career.

Your first pair of glasses can be a bit traumatic… are people going to make fun of me? Are they going to call me four eyes? However, when someone puts on their new glasses for the first time and they can suddenly see, it is very exciting. That is exactly what drives Dr. Andy Rockwood every day. He loves the expressions of joy he hears from people who put on their new glasses. Wow, look at the leaves on the tree! Holy cow, there are little rocks in asphalt!

When Dr. Rockwood was in 2nd grade, he got his first glasses and was fascinated with the equipment at the doctor’s office and was so thrilled with being able to see better that he wanted to become an optometrist. As he got older, he realized that he was drawn to the medical profession but wasn’t a big fan of blood and shots. As he remembered his experience as a kid getting glasses, he choose that as his career.

You may recognize Dr. Rockwood if you purchase your eyewear from the Walmart Vision Center, he has worked there for the last 12 years, He also owns and operates his own office/store here in North Ogden. You will find it in the same shopping center as Lee’s Market Place. They have been open for about a year.

Some of his favorite things in his own office is being able to pick what glasses to carry because he likes providing high-quality frames and lenses. There have been great improvements in the glasses industry and there are many new styles and some very cool technological advancements in frames and lenses.

Today there are flexible frames that won’t break. There are also 3D printed frames that are very high quality and come in beautiful colors. Dr. Rockwood’s makes sure to carry a large selection of high-quality frames so there is something for everyone and they all come with a warranty.

With the popularity of glasses on the rise, Rockwood Optometry takes the time to make sure the frame match the face and that the lenses are the perfect prescription for the patient’s needs.

Dr. Rockwood discovered the North Ogden and Pleasant View area when he first started working at Walmart. He liked to go Geocaching (Hunting for containers hidden by others using the internet and GPS coordinates, see article, “geo caching.”). He found many caches in this area and fell in love. When the Rockwoods grew out of their home in Morgan, they decided to move their family to Pleasant View. Andy and Emily have 5 children ages 15-4 with 2 boys and 3 girls. They have lived in the area for 7 years. They love hiking, biking and trails and love how close they are to all of those things.

Dr. Rockwood and his staff are easy to work with. They have a great store and are very fun to visit. When you are due for an eye exam, give them a ring and go see what they have to offer.


Business: Optometrist

Address: 348 E. 2600 N.

Phone: 801-701-7836


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