Roadside Cleanup and New Representatives – Youth Council

Another roadside cleanup happened this month. Walking up and down Washington Boulevard picking up all sorts of garbage, like cups, boxes, and even pieces of cars left behind! Even though most people don’t find picking up trash on the side of a busy road fun, we always seem to have a blast!

With the upcoming school year we have some new representatives: 

Mayor – Richie Armendariz 

Mayor Pro Tempore – Hope Elmer

Recorder – Katelyn Hepler

Representative – Kylie Coleman

We’d like to thank all of our outgoing reps: 

Mayor – Calder Davis

Mayor Pro Tempore – Josh Turner

Recorder – Morgan Reid

Service Project Coordinator- Richie Armendariz 

PR Specialist – Naomi Elmer

Photo Historians – Hayden Simmon & Hope Elmer

Fundraising Specialist – Casey Wheeler

This month brings us to the end of our seniors’ time. 9th-12th graders please come join us! We meet twice a month and usually one of those is a service project. You can come to a meeting and get an application, or ask a current member to get you one. All you need is an application, two letters of recommendation, and a copy of your grades. We hope to see you there!

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