Road-Widening Project Finished!


Good News, North Ogden! As you have probably noticed, construction is nearly complete along both 2700 N. and Washington. The widening of the road was an overdue project as North Ogden has experienced so much growth in recent years. The project was finished on time and on budget, which is amazing, considering the shortages of materials and employees for many of the contractors who worked on the project. Casey Hunsaker, who is with North Ogden Public Works, mentioned that, by the time you read this, the new streetlight on Washington and Elberta will be fully functioning. All the concrete work will be complete. Some landscaping work will still need to be finalized in the spring once water can be accessed. Three new streetlights will also be up in the next couple of weeks: one by the Baptist church, and two others along the longer stretch to help brighten our way. For safety, there will also be a speed limit decrease on Elberta as you approach the light. Watch for that in coming weeks. We have already noticed a much easier exit from our road, Lomond View onto Washington. The extra lanes are a great addition. To all who worked and completed this project: Well done!

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