Road Construction Update

Well, another month is in the books, and construction continues to move forward. Some of the most dramatic changes seen this past month have been the removal of some asphalt, dirt, and vegetation. The main focus of the project right now is completing the underground utilities, which include the installation of a brand-new waterline, storm drain line, and Dominion Energy gas line. All of these lines were close to the end of their useful life, so it made sense to replace them at this time.

Much of the work on the project happens without a lot of change from what you would currently see on the site today; however, substantial progress is being made daily, which will result in the final work of laying asphalt being completed in a fairly quickly manner, though still several months away.

There were some delays down near the main intersection at 2600 N., which we believe we are past now, so the contractors will be removing asphalt and doing additional demolition, which will speed up the project but unfortunately lead to some additional delays for those wishing to travel through the intersection.

This project includes some underground infrastructure to handle future changes along the roadway as well, including some conduit for a future light at Lomond View and 400 East, along with additional conduit in the roadway for future telecommunications, fiber and other infrastructure.

We are excited to have this majority of the asphalt installed by the late summer and the finishing touches completed in early fall.

For biweekly updates, you can go to the project page There is a link to this page on the banner of the city’s website

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