Restaurant Review: Taggart’s Grill

One of these evenings, when you just want to escape for a yummy meal, we highly recommend giving Taggart’s Grill a try. It is a 40-minute drive. Jump on I-15 South and then take I-84 East toward Wyoming. You will drive up the Weber River canyon past Mountain Green and Morgan. About 10 minutes past Morgan, take the Taggart exit and turn to the left. You will see the restaurant tucked into the hillside just after you pass under the bridge. We have lived here for nearly 10 years and I have fished the Weber River hundreds of times but for some reason, we never even noticed the restaurant until this year. After talking to several natives, we seem to be the only ones in the dark about this cool restaurant but just in case you missed the memo too, here is a review.

When you pull up, you start to wonder if this place is worth the drive since they only have roughly 3 parking spots. That means that the very busy restaurant causes people to park all along the frontage road. Well, worry not, you are in for a treat. As you check in, you will likely have a wait unless you call about 30 minutes ahead (they don’t take reservations but will put you on the list if you call). As you sit outside waiting for your table, you might be treated to one of the peacocks they have wandering the lawn. This time of year the porch will likely be closed but we love sitting outside in warmer weather.

In the lobby, you will see a glass case filled with homemade desserts that are likely all delicious but I was just too full to try them all. I had one of the brownies and it was wonderful. A friend of ours heard we were there and said the sugar cookies are the best ever (we bought her one and brought it back, she was super excited).

I ordered the fish and chips, which was a treat. I kind of expected a red plastic basket lined with red and white checkered paper with some fries. To my surprise, I was served 4 good sized fish fillets on a bed of fries next to a fancy salad. All of it was laid out on a cool rectangular plate. Melissa ordered the hamburger which was also delicious. Served on a homemade artisan bun with greens, pickle, onion, and tomato. The fries were fried perfectly and maybe only needed a little extra salt but very delicious.

We were thoroughly impressed with the dinner and even more so by the surroundings. Taggart’s is literally cut into the side of a granite hillside. Right across the freeway are majestic cliffs and beautiful views all around. We hope you enjoy your escape as much as we did.


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