Remuda Golf Course

Remuda Golf Course, located in Farr West, Utah, is a beautiful open course that is great fun for those of every skill level. With gorgeous views of Ben Lomond and surrounding mountain peaks, the course was designed to keep balls in the grass, with only a few areas where houses are in play. The goal of this course is to provide an enjoyable golf experience to all who visit and is currently operated by the family of developer, Jim Aland, who built the course.

Jim’s vision was to create a beautiful golf course that was wall to wall green. When Jim decided to develop the area, he felt that a neighborhood golf course open to the public would be the best option to meet the needs of both “open space” requirements and to add beauty and usability to the community. In fact, in a small community like Farr West, a golf course can be a major tourist attraction. Remuda brings visitors from not only the surrounding areas like North Ogden and Pleasant View but also from as far north as Logan and as far south as Provo.

When Jim brought the idea to the city, he knew he needed the support of Jimmy Pappageorge, the well-known Mayor of Farr West. He told him his idea, and Jimmy supported it. They also sought the help of course designer Keith Downs, who was a PGA member and helped design several local courses like The Barn and El Monte. Marlen Pinkleman sculpted the greens and was asked to keep the greens large and forgiving. The grass is a high blend of Kentucky Bluegrass for the fairways, rough, and tees. The greens are primarily Penncross bent grass. The course features an 18-hole, open course that is devoid of powerlines and, though it was once flat, is manicured and sculpted to give it all of its turf variations (elevated tees, bunkers, etc.). It was farmland and had to be transformed into a golf course.
To name the course, Jim recalled reading from one of his favorite authors, Louis L’amore, who often wrote about remudas. A remuda is a herd of horses that have been saddle-broken, from which ranch hands choose their mounts for the day. This was a fitting name, since the land where the course now lays was a pioneer ranch and farmland for many years prior.

Today, the owners are proud to be a destination for all levels of skill. During the summer, they hold a Junior Camp Academy for 9 weeks each Tuesday, and the kids play each week to work on the skills they learned at camp. There are also junior rates and punch cards. Adult leagues have divisions for seniors, men, and women. Leagues run March through the month of October.
A new program that has become very popular is called Club 99. This is a beginner women’s club where, for $99, women receive a summer-long pass where they can come after 3 p.m. on weekends, Mondays, and Tuesdays. It comes with classes, and the social atmosphere is great fun. This is a program for women over 18 years old, and the theme even throughout, with $.99 range ball buckets and $.99 fountain drinks.
Remuda is a great course that is affordable and built to make golfers feel good about the round they played. It is usually a little less crowded during the week, which is when it is popular among seniors. It is also frequented by the local neighborhood families. Often, you will see young aspiring golfers on the driving range or practice greens. It is a great atmosphere for all. We recommend scheduling in advance. Call by phone or book online at

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