Remodel Write Off

Remodeling, cleaning out your home and preparing for winter? Save a lot of money on your next remodel AND get a donation write off for taxes at the same time! 

Habitat for Humanity ReStore, 3111 Wall Ave next to Sherman Williams, can take donations of all sorts of building and home items. Donate windows, drywall, tiles, flooring, carpet, rugs, crown molding, screens, doors, even a patio set! Proceeds are used to build homes for lower-income families moving upward with their lives! Call 801-393-3287 to schedule a pickup or feel free to drop your donations off at the south side of the parking lot!

If you are considering upgrading your kitchen or bath, you can also donate cabinets and counters! There are partnerships with McCoy’s for new cabinets, and with CobbleCreek Countertops, too. If you use them to create your new kitchen or bath, they will donate to Habitat for Humanity to help with future home builds!

Recently, my son needed an outdoor kitchen. The day I mentioned he wanted to buy one, a 1-year old, 6’ long, wheeled, stainless steel outdoor kitchen with BBQ, cabinets, and more was donated to the ReStore. He got a $4000 outdoor kitchen for $900 at the Restore! It might be worth your while to check it out!

If you plan a remodel over the colder months, we are often asked about what returns the most value. Of course, painting walls (greige is in right now!), upgrading flooring and appliances, or adding “smart tech” features to the home, are always a big help in adding value.

If you are planning on redoing a kitchen or bath, here are some of the biggest trends in remodeling, according to the latest Inman News.

If you have been considering replacing your counters with granite, then know that quartz has become a new, more popular upgrade than granite. Quartz counters are non-porous and highly resistant to staining and bacterial growth. You can get quartz counters that even look a lot like granite! Stay away from marble, as it is soft and scratches easily, a friend said, after putting it in her kitchen. Using reclaimed wood for a kitchen island or accent area is a growing trend as well.

More and more homes are starting to see a trend towards concealed appliances. Refrigerators can have door covers that look like the surrounding cabinets, and small appliances are hidden in appliance garages.

Lighting is always an easy change and can add ambiance and therefore value. Use under-cabinet LED lighting to accent features and give a soft, cozy ambiance. Often, the color and hue can be adjusted as well.

Whatever you decide, anything upgraded in a kitchen or bath almost always returns all of the value put in. Enjoy the fall and remember to donate to the ReStore as you complete your remodels!


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