Reminders for Dog Owners

low angle image of person with his dog. selected focus. retro style filterWe would like to remind all residents that North Ogden prohibits dogs being unrestrained by a leash or fence when outside.  Unrestrained dogs are at greater risk of being injured or killed, and also cause risks to pedestrians, motorists and other animals.  Please keep your dogs restrained at all times.

Dog owners are also required to clean up their dogs’ feces when they take their dogs for walks.  Please be considerate of your neighbors. Keep your dogs from running at large, and clean up after them.

North Ogden Animal Services regularly sees an increase in weather-related animal complaints during the summer months when the days are longer and the weather is warmer. Please do not keep your animals in a parked vehicle, even for a short time. Partially rolling the window down is not enough to prevent heat-related injuries or death to your pet. Dogs do not have the same cooling mechanisms as humans, so temperatures that can be uncomfortable for us can be deadly to a dog.  Also, before taking your dog for a walk in the heat of the day, touch the pavement with the back of your hand.  If the pavement is too hot to comfortably touch with the back of your hand, it is too hot for your pet’s paws. You have shoes to protect your feet, your dog does not.  Please help keep your furry family member safe and comfortable this summer by being especially mindful of the temperatures.

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