Recent Traffic Pattern Changes in North Ogden City

2550 North and Washington Boulevard

The City Street Department has been working with UDOT for several months to redesign the intersection at 2550 and Washington Blvd.  Many of you who have traveled through the intersection in the past several years have realized the intersection did not use the same lane configuration as other parts of the City.  Specifically the left hand turn and straight through combination with a dedicated right hand turn has now been swapped to the more traditional dedicated left hand turn with a straight through and right hand turn combination.

2600 N. and Mountain Road

We recently completed a traffic study at the intersection of 2600 N. and Mountain Road and found that a majority of vehicles traveling through the intersection were being required to come to a full stop, while a minority of the vehicles were able to make a left hand or right turn onto Mountain Road without stopping.  Based on that information, the Police Department made the decision that it was safer to allow north and south bound traffic to proceed through the intersection and require east bound traffic to stop.  As part of this change we have also trimmed several trees around the intersection to provide for greater visibility.

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