Recent Increase in Thefts

North Ogden, along with much of Weber County, has experienced a recent increase in thefts.  During the month of May alone, twenty six thefts were reported to the North Ogden Police Department.  These include four stolen vehicles.  In each of these four cases, the vehicle’s keys had either been left in the vehicle, in another unlocked vehicle on site, or were otherwise accessible to the thief.  One stolen vehicle had also been left running.  We also recovered four additional vehicles that had been stolen from other local jurisdictions.  In addition to the stolen and recovered stolen vehicles, North Ogden had eight thefts from motor vehicles reported.  In seven of these thefts, the vehicle was believed to have been left unlocked, and in many of the cases, including the one theft where a window was broken to gain access, a purse or other valuables had been left in plain sight in the vehicle(s).   

We encourage residents to secure their homes and other property.  Often times, criminals will walk through a neighborhood and check for unsecured property or valuables that are left where they can be seen and that are easy to steal without drawing a lot of attention to themselves.  If the property is secured and there is nothing visible to pique their interest, they will usually move on to easier, more lucrative targets.  We also invite you to check your car doors and windows and check your garage doors. Look for purses, wallets, bicycles and other valuables left where a criminal can see them and then secure those items.  Finally, if you see or hear something suspicious, contact the police immediately.

The non-emergency dispatch number is 801-629-8221, and as always, for emergencies, call 9-1-1.  North Ogden is a welcoming community, but let’s send a message to these criminals that they are not welcome here.

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