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Question:  How do I set up automatic payments for utility bills?

Answer: Several individuals have asked us about setting up automatic payments for utility billing. We have two processes. You can either fill out the form found at and deliver it with a cancelled check to our public works office at 165 East Lomond View Drive; or there is a simple online process to set up your account through If you have never logged in you will need your paper billing statement with your account number and other vital information. Once you create an account and login there is a tab at the top which is called “auto pays”. If you click on that you will have to provide some information about the payment methods (bank, debit, or credit card).

Once it is all done the system will automatically start deducting payments from your account in the next 30 days and notifying you when your statement is ready and payment has been processed. You can also elect to stop receiving paper statements and everything will be completed online until you change your preferences. For online help, call Xpress Bill Pay 1(800) 768-7295 ext. 3 or if you have other questions call Stacie at (801)-782-8111.

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