Question: Are there rules regulating  fires in North Ogden?

Answer. Fires are regulated by the North View Fire District. All open burning permits should be run through the Fire Marshal’s office at the Fire District. Recreational fire pits smaller than three feet in diameter with flames smaller than two feet are allowed, provided certain rules are followed.

(1) All fires and fire pits need to be at least twenty five feet away from structures and other combustible materials. 

(2) Fires must be constantly attended by someone 18 years or older. 

(3) There must be a bucket of water or hose in close proximity to the fire to extinguish the fire.

(4) No trash or yard waste can be burned in a recreational fire. All fires must follow these rules, even portable outdoor fireplaces. 

Any fire larger than 3 feet in diameter is considered a bon fire and must receive a special permit from the Fire Marshal – (801) 782-8159. We want everybody to remain safe this summer and every year residents of our state lose homes and valuables because of recreational fires that get out of control.

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