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Will Harris loves helping clients see transformational results from his personalized training.

Owner of Q-Fit Training, Will Harris, with his family.

Working at a commercial gym for $9 an hour as a personal trainer just doesn’t cut it when you are paying for your student loans and supporting a family. That was the reality for Will Harris when he graduated from personal training school eight years ago. He was grateful for the experience of working at a gym because he gained a lot of book knowledge at school, but he needed to learn the practical use of that knowledge the gym gave him. After nearly four years, Will found out that the gym he was co-managing was closing. He had to choose between finding work at another gym or venturing out on his own as a personal trainer. He made the leap into entrepreneurship with a school friend and opened Q-Fit Training in North Ogden, located just behind Kirt’s Drive-In.

Will was a newcomer to the North Ogden area and didn’t know very many people. He and his partner took on side jobs, like paper routes, to survive while trying to get their first few clients. They had to build out their gym, purchase equipment, and make do with what they had.

Now, four and a half years later, Will has built a client base and built out a great private gym with his partner. He currently works with 45-50 clients one-on-one and has some group classes. Will is most proud of the fact that his clients see amazing results. His schooling and training have paid off. He is inspired by the results he sees in clients.

If you have ever felt intimidated about working with a personal trainer, here is what it looks like with Will: Your first appointment is about determining your current physical fitness and nutrition levels. Will then uses that determination to make a custom workout plan for you. He targets areas where you need the most help and starts you on a path of improving fitness and lifestyle. One thing Will noticed was that many personal trainers don’t offer up measurable parameters beyond weighing their clients. He starts each new client with measurements of body composition in inches and weight. Then, every 30 days, he measures again, so that people can see their results as their body transforms.

Waking up at 4:00 a.m., five or six days a week, is a commitment. Will finds the motivation to keep him going in the joy he feels in helping clients get results. He remembers, with fondness, the first client he helped loose over 100 lbs. It was transformational. Now, he is able to reflect on hundreds of clients who have each lost weight and become physically fit. He hears from many of his older clients how grateful they are that they can now get up from their chair easier or get up off the ground.

Will has developed different programs for different budgets, starting with group classes, which are the most affordable. Plus, they have a social aspect, which makes it easier for some people to work out. He also has individual or couple/friend one-on-one training. These sessions are custom tailored to each person and their individual physical abilities. Will specializes in finding alternate workouts for those who might have injuries or physical challenges.

I have been working out with Will for the last six months. I am seeing huge improvements in my body and state of mind, despite having a terrible lower back. I am stronger and able to perform daily tasks so much better. I also know I wouldn’t work out alone with the same intensity that I get from training with Will. If you are ready to make big changes or need more intense workouts, I highly recommend Will Harris at Q-Fit training.

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