Public Works Divisions

The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for street maintenance and repair, sidewalk and curb maintenance, street sign installation and maintenance, traffic line and legend installation and maintenance.

The Culinary Water Division is responsible for the collection, treatment, and distribution water to the entire city. The division is operating within strict federal guidelines and is acknowledged as one of the best water systems in the state.

The Sewer Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining the city’s system of sewer lines, cleaning sewer lines, and recording lines for maintenance and repair needs.

The Storm Drain Division is responsible for all the drain line inspection and maintenance, the maintenance and grooming of all the City’s detention basins, monitoring, and control of runoff waters.

The Solid Waste Division is responsible for the delivery and pick-up of all receptacles and the maintenance, repair, and replacement of receptacles. Refuse collection is contracted to Republic Services. For questions or concerns with Republic Services, please call 801-781-1349.

The Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the City-owned vehicles from the smallest of tools, such as weed eaters and lawnmowers to the largest equipment, like the dump trucks, backhoe, and loaders.

The Public Works Administration is responsible for the supervision of all projects in all divisions within the Public Works Department. Additionally, all the paperwork generated is funneled through this division for recording and tracking.

Public Works Contact Information

165 E Lomond View Drive
Office: 801-782-8111
Fax: 801-782-6453

David Espinoza
Public Works Director

Scott Felter
Assistant Public Works Director

Shelly Robison
Office Manager

Stacie Cain
Utility Billing Manager

Casey Hunsaker
Streets Department Superintendent

Jason Reney
Water Systems Superintendent

Trent Wilkins
Sanitary Sewer Superintendent

Brian Galvez
Green Waste and Solid
Waste Superintendent

Tyrel Stark
Fleet Manager

Good News about your Utility Bill!

If you owned property in North Ogden City and paid for utilities between February of 2019 and January of 2020, you’re getting a refund! This month’s utility bill is reduced by $3 for every month you paid your utility bill during that time. Twelve months = $36, nine months = $27 etc. The mayor and city council authorized this refund from the previously collected Transportation Utility Fee that was discontinued in February of this year. We thought this would be helpful during these uncertain times. Before you call the Public Works Department with questions, please read the article in the North Ogden Connection Magazine.

If you find you aren’t in need of this refund feel free to make a contribution to the city to be used by our Public Safety Department.

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