Photography is another form of telling a story. I have seen two people take pictures of the same thing, and they tell totally different stories. Sometimes, one picture is much more striking and beautiful than another of the same thing. A good photographer must develop “the eye” that helps them see how to frame and capture awesome photos.

My hope with these articles are to inspire you to go out and take pictures of things that are most important to you and to get shots that you are happy about. I hope you will snap pictures of people you love and places that are dear to you. Photography is such a fun way to be creative and to capture and chronicle specific times in your life.

When I am taking pictures of people, I love to come prepared with fun ideas and props to enhance my photos. I look on Pinterest for poses and prop ideas and make a folder so I won’t forget all my ideas in the middle of a shoot. Even though I am copying ideas, they always come out uniquely because of the different personalities of my subjects, which is so fun.

My favorite props for pictures with children and teens are balloons, bubbles, and bubble gum. Anytime I use these things, I get the biggest smiles, sometimes involuntarily, which is very helpful. They also help me catch some candid photos of them having fun. It can bring out the happy side of any kid, big or small. Blankets, chairs, a chalk board with a message on it can also be fun. I also love including pets, a favorite tree they love to climb, a bike that they ride everyday, basketball, or other sport accessories, or ballet shoes. Really, use anything that shows the interest of the target. I also like to go to the dollar store and get a pack of prop mustaches and tiaras and let people pick one they like. It is just for fun, and not every thing you use will be your favorite so try a few different ideas.

Some of my favorite poses are:

  • Big group hugs (makes everyone smile)
  • From above with everyone looking up
  • Squatting down and turning legs to the side
  • Sitting on a chair with the back of the chair forward, arms folded on the back of the chair
  • Leaning up against a wall or tree
  • With little kids, I would have the kids take their shoes and socks off and I would show their little feet and toes, so cute!
  • Sitting on a fence in front of a field


I often get the question from those being photographed, “What do I do with my hands?” I want hands to do something natural. It shouldn’t look awkward or stiff. Put them in your pocket or on your hips or even just let them hang at your side.

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